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Use Case: Improving Results of Guest Satisfaction Survey by Proactive Messaging

Collecting guest feedback on behalf of your business is the best way to increase user-generated content. But rather than waiting for a post-stay guest satisfaction survey, proactive communication will improve customer satisfaction and retention. Right now,...

AI in Hospitality: Data Analytics, Chatbots and … ?

Artificial intelligence is present in most of our daily activities. AI for hotels will facilitate increased efficiency and a better guest experience during and after the stay. AI is already embedded in our day-to-day lives, as it enables voice assistants like Siri,...

Advantages of Using Big Data From Guests’ Engagement on Social Media

Proper analysis of social media data will help hoteliers improve their guest experience. The data can be used to target specific segments and provide them with relevant information such as room availability, price ranges, and number of rooms booked. Hoteliers can also...

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News Digest: Marriott Pilots Contactless Check-In Kiosks

News Digest: Marriott Pilots Contactless Check-In Kiosks

Hyatt expands in the Middle East with one property in Oman and one in Saudi Arabia. • Marriott is testing contactless check-in kiosks. • Exciting Artificial Intelligence initiative identified Hundreds of sewage leaks. • IHG Hotels & Resorts appoints Haitham...


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