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AI in Hospitality: Data Analytics, Chatbots and … ?

Artificial intelligence is present in most of our daily activities. AI for hotels will facilitate increased efficiency and a better guest experience during and after the stay. AI is already embedded in our day-to-day lives, as it enables voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to interpret questions and commands from users and provide appropriate responses, while expanding their knowledge base.

Populatity of AI-powered data analytics tools is rising in hospitality sector

How will AI benefit hotels? AI is still in its infancy in hotels, but it is already integrated into systems for revenue management, CRM, guest feedback, and messaging. Data processing is one of the areas where AI holds the most promise. As humans, our capacity to process data is limited, while computers can process huge amounts of data in a short amount of time.

Hoteliers can now analyse large volumes of guest data to detect and explain patterns; understand relationships and correlations; predict future trends and behaviour; make the right decision or course of action to solve a problem or achieve an objective.


For example, a basic revenue management system (RMS) provides a hotel with recommendations on the rates to charge on certain dates based on inputs such as anticipated demand, historical data, and market conditions. This is a form of automation. It is also a form of artificial intelligence, if the RMS can learn over time and improve its recommendations without involvement from employees.

AI-powered automated communication filters out the repetitive questions and sends response instantly

Guest communication is another area where AI will thrive in the post-COVID era. For smooth communication about local and hotel policies, guest requests, etc., AI in hotel operations is a must. A chatbot can help you respond to incoming messages so that your guests can communicate with your hotel from afar, rather than waiting at reception. They will be given the necessary information to feel comfortable and informed before they arrive.


Hotel chatbots are the result of the rapid growth of messaging over the past few years, mainly driven by smartphones’ widespread use. What started out as people texting with friends has grown to include dozens of messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat, and today more and more businesses are using messaging to communicate with customers and prospects.

According to IBM, chatbots can cut customer service costs by 30% while improving customer service by giving immediate answers to common questions, freeing employees to handle more complex requests. Customer support is available 24 hours a day and reduces the amount of noise that hotel staff must deal with by answering between 60 and 90% of repetitive guest questions.

Smart use of guest data gathered with AI solutions: Check-in, room service ordering and room settings

If an AI can instantly sync with your mobile phone or use facial recognition, there is no need for formal identification or check-in, and travellers will also have no delay between entering the hotel and checking into their room. This will be particularly helpful during late hours, when the guest is certainly tired and wants to get to the bed as soon as possible.


Room service will be available for guests to communicate instantly via AI, and food or drinks could be delivered automatically by AI bots, without the need to call or wait for someone to take your order. Using the full potential of the guest data enables higher personalization of the menu offers. These offers can be communicated through the chat channel as well.

Hotels are already using AI to improve guest experience. Smart technology will enhance hotels’ bottom lines by sensing what lights and appliances are being used and turning off those that are not to save energy. Smart capturing of the guest preferences may make an extraordinary impression as all: lights, temperature or even TV can be set exactly the way it was left the last time.

Cheho focuses on personalised communication integrated with property management system (PMS) provides a chat automation solution for hotels with focus on during stay communication. Whenever a guest wants to make a request, it is as easy as finding hotel contact in his contact list and writing a text. All personal information is sourced based on guest’s phone number and sent along with the request specifications to the corresponding hotel team. No additional hardware required neither extra app to be downloaded.

We are tech and hospitality enthusiasts. We build integrated communication systems which allow guests to chat with hotel staff efficiently and increase guest experience and overall satisfaction.

by Cheho Team

April 5, 2021

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AI in Hospitality: Data Analytics, Chatbots and … ?

Artificial intelligence is present in most of our daily activities. AI for hotels will facilitate increased efficiency and a better guest experience during and after the stay.

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