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Advantages of Using Big Data From Guests’ Engagement on Social Media

Proper analysis of social media data will help hoteliers improve their guest experience. The data can be used to target specific segments and provide them with relevant information such as room availability, price ranges, and number of rooms booked. Hoteliers can also use this data to identify trends in customer satisfaction and offer better services. Notably, hotels have been using big data since it was first introduced in 2015.

Smartphones and the Internet have made data the currency of our time. Nearly every activity, such as going for a run or watching TV, leaves behind a digital footprint that can be followed and analysed. Hoteliers still face challenges with the concept of big data, which refers to the immense volume of data that inundates businesses on a daily basis. After all, it’s not the amount of data that matters, but rather, what you do with it. For hoteliers, harnessing the power of big data can pay off substantial dividends.

Big data help with prediction of future demand and trends


Hotels can take advantage of big data to help them with revenue management strategies. It allows operators to more accurately predict levels of demand for rooms; data such as past occupancy rates and current bookings are among the key performance metrics. The use of big data to predict demand and future trends is also crucial for executing revenue management strategies successfully.

Evaluating factors such as weather, school holidays, etc., can help hoteliers anticipate the next “big rush,” allowing them to staff accordingly, deliver an exceptional guest experience, and operate at optimal efficiency.

Reliable targeting of marketing campaigns with use of insights


If, for example, a hotel can determine that a specific target group makes its reservations through social media channels, marketing efforts can be oriented toward those channels. Hotel data can also be used to discover marketing pitfalls. The same principles can be applied to hotel guests, from business travellers to families going on annual vacations, and their content preferences. Marketing content can be tailored to increase engagement and conversion rates for promotions with the help of knowledge about customers’ behavior and stay expectations.

Increased of guest experience by personalisation

Delivering extraordinary experiences is essential to success. Guests have high expectations and expect personal experiences, and loyalty to a brand or hotel can only be earned through consistent delivery of such services. Hoteliers can personalize their services and products by creating strong guest profiles and by analysing guests’ social media comments to improve operations and service. It’s a great way to address guests’ concerns and possible changes to services, whether you’re adding new services, changing existing offerings, or removing others.

Social media data help learning more about your competitors


Hotel data can be used to get a clearer picture of the competition. Hoteliers can learn from guests’ remarks about their experience at competitor properties through social media and other platforms, which can help them capitalize on rivals’ shortcomings or fix problems at their own properties. Big data provides previously unimaginable insights that can radically change your hotel industry. This is something you can’t extract from oil.

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by Cheho Team

March 29, 2021

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Advantages of Using Big Data From Guests’ Engagement on Social Media

Analysis of social media data will help hoteliers improve their guest experience. It can be used to target specific segments and provide them with insights.

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