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We build AI-powered communication automations for hospitality services

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 We believe that only fully integrated communication automations matching clients’ needs can create premium value to our clients.



You know your guests the best. Get a communication solution suited to your needs within your budget. Don’t pay for features which you don’t need. Your tools must match uniqueness of your business. Find in us a partner who respects your IT strategy and brings a solution which fits your IT environment perfectly.


Have your official communication integrated with your systems and enable automatic but personalized messaging. Use your current guest data to build up a stronger long-term relationship. Connect with your guests on their natural channel and find their hidden needs. Gain additional insights.


Respond to repeated questions automatically and route guest requests directly to specialist. Let your guests make reservations, payments or orders within your system effortlessly and directly from their favorite messaging channel. Save your staff for spoiling your guests and increase your standards.

Enhance Guest Experience

Our integrated solutions allow for personalized communication with your guests. Tailor your messages by leveraging the guest history. Let your guests ask their questions anytime and respond to them promptly. Store their questions and request to delight your guests even more during their next stays.

Optimize Your Communication

 Contact your guest through a channel which they already use. Offer your assistance along their journey and stay connected even after their stay. Have guest wishes routed automatically to the relevant hotel team and track them until fulfilled. 



Upsell with Tailored Offers

Use your guest knowledge for arranging a fitting offer for your guests. Go beyond one-size-fits-all and suggest your guests your premium services which they truly fancy. Bring additional revenue from offering your guests more in-house services.

Reach Your Guests on Their Favourite Channel

We want you to be as close to your guests as it gets. Communicate with them on their favorite messaging channel.








We enable personalized communication through system integration.

Property Management System (PMS)

Our solutions integrate with most of the PMS used in the hospitality industry. We put an emphasis on functioning system integrations, as we understand it as a key for enabling superior guest experience. Real-time two-way integration allows for further communication automations resulting in time savings, error avoidance and tighter relationships with your customers.

We Respect Your IT Strategy

Each hotel comes with its own IT environment which was composed with due care. We respect your choices and integrate with all systems necessary for enhancement of personalized experience of your guests. Let your staff work with tools thay already know and have them connected with advanced communication technologies. Get your guests connected in your IT environment.

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